Defense Applications

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The contemporary operating environment demands advanced, eye-safe technological solutions which provide our warfighters the advantage

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Full Spectrum Dominance

Emerging ultrashort pulse lasers provide a complementary technology to DoD objectives of full spectrum dominance for offense and defense capabilities.

Defense Applications

Counter Improvised Threats

Asymmetric, improvised threat systems continue to emerge, mature, and proliferate around the world. They pose a significant threat to our deployed military forces and allies. High energy, pulsed lasers as part of a layered defense provides a unique capability to counter improvised threats based upon ability of the pulsed optical source to engage targets at the speed of light with tunable effects. We are building a suite of next-generation high energy lasers and advanced photonic-based solutions and capability for national security partners. Our USP solutions can provide users with unique, proprietary, eye-safe optical sources to engage sensors on threat systems with terawatt-class energy pulses at trillionths of a second width and with tunable lethality. Our system Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) reductions can greatly enhance and enable increased warfighter mobility.

Defense Applications

Force Protection

As the Geographic Commands direct operations from forward deployed locations, Force Protection (FP) remains a paramount requirement. Urban and rural environments will require operating in a highly diverse optical spectrum ranging from the ultraviolet to the far infrared. Our wavelength-agile optical sources will enable improvements in remote sensing, to include chemical and biological agent detection at long distance, identifying and neutralizing dangerous pathogens, and standoff electronic denial. As a result of these improvements to these sensing, detection, neutralization, and disruption capabilities, our various optical sources can severely impact the ability of our adversaries to conduct offensive and intelligence gathering activities against our mobile and stationary formations.

Why short pulse

Benefits of Short Pulse

Ultrashort pulse (USP) lasers provide the ability to achieve extremely high optical intensities with unique target effects not available to longer pulse or continuous-wave lasers. These innovative USP laser systems are comprised of a fiber-based architecture for future applications that produce high average power at a high repetition pulse rate, while exhibiting a reduced size, weight and power consumption that is compatible with ruggedized military platforms. This USP pulse format also allows for multiple threat engagements per second since they do not rely upon thermal effects that require longer dwell times.