Leaders in Ultrashort Pulse Technology

Advanced Optical Sources

Applied Energetics (AE), headquartered in Tucson, AZ, is focused on delivering advanced laser and photonics systems, incorporating fiber-based ultrashort pulse (USP) solutions, to support commercial and national security markets.

Advanced Directed Energy Solutions

Research & Discovery

At Applied Energetics, we discover innovative and novel ultrashort pulse laser design techniques. Building on significant experience in advanced optical science, our professionals are among some of the most noteworthy in their field. Our advanced directed energy solutions evolve from decades of fundamental research experience coupled with scientific discoveries leading to envisioning a pathway to delivery of field-tested technology.

Innovation & Engineering

Our team of engineers work to bring our discoveries to life, partnering with industrial, academic, and defense colleagues, as AE supports the modeling, simulation, design and fabrication of our laser intellectual property (IP) into suitable products with relevant market applications.

Design & Delivery

AE is capable of delivering advanced technology to a wide variety of customers in commercial and government markets. Our current solutions focus on key emerging needs in national security, industrial manufacturing, and biomedical industries.


Purpose-Built For Advanced Laser Applications

Harnessing ultrashort pulse laser output energy provides users with the flexibility and power to accomplish their complex missions. Our USP optical technologies enable specific effects across different use cases with an unmatched blend of size, weight and power attributes. To learn more about the advantages of our patented, dual-use fiber-based optical systems, see our Technology Overview. 


Defense Applications


Applied Energetics’ ultrashort pulse (USP) lasers complement layered defense strategies by combining proven experience of rapidly fielding innovative solutions to the warfighter with disruptive technology to increase survivability and to counter complex, asymmetric threats.

Commercial Applications

Commercial Applications

Utilization of USP technology transforms and supports commercial applications, including biomedical and advanced manufacturing, through its capability for materials processing and advanced probing, imaging and sensing.

Moving the Mission Forward

AE is purpose-built to support the growing demand for USP technology in the national security and commercial industries. Since our founding in 2002, AE has made significant investment into research, development, and technology deployment and captured significant IP in the areas of short pulse lasers, laser plasma channels and laser guided energy. Take a look at how USP can accelerate industry’s mission.

About the Company

Applied Energetics, Inc. is a pioneer in photonic and fiber-based laser technology. Headquartered in the University of Arizona Tech Park in Tucson, Arizona, Applied Energetics is a dedicated team of experienced innovators who understand the power and limits of physics and put their knowledge to work, providing unparalleled capabilities to solve the most complex challenges of our customers’ critical missions.

The company has a proud, 20-year history of technological innovation, owning the patents and intellectual property for their unique USP laser technology, and delivering on multiple national security programs. Click below to learn more about our culture. 



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